Update Backdate - Audio Active Wk1

So, it’s become a yearly Brighton Music Hub tradition to have the guys from ace local organisation Audio Active over each year to do a series of masterclass workshops. They bring a small mobile setup with them consisting of a laptop running Ableton Live, an Akai APC40 (midi controller) and an external audio interface. We provide mics, stands and any other bits they might need.

Any young people who feared it might be a dry music tech lesson soon had their mind’s changed as the two tutors (Ollie & Jon) introduced themselves and demonstrated their skills and the possibilities of the technology. Ollie was beatboxing and building loops on the fly in Ableton and Jon was freestyling over the top, even getting us to shout out random topic suggestions that he could rap about ‘off the dome’! It was a very impressive display and everyone was immediately engaged and on board :-)

A microphone was passed around so that beats could be built up layer by layer out of whatever sounds we wanted to make. These sounds were twisted and processed: for example a sung line being pitched down by an octave and having an LFO applied to make a wobbly dubstep bass. A midi controller keyboard also did the rounds so that more traditional synth and drum sounds could be played and added in to the mix.

After the break Jon initiated a lyric writing session. The young people came up with various ideas they might like to write about, then there was a vote to choose which one to focus on. The topic of dreams came out on top; a nice wide subject that could encompass daydreams and hopes/aspirations, as well as the nocturnal sleeping dreams (and nightmares) that our crazy brains conjur up every night. Loads of really good chat and food for thought came out of the session and everyone made a start writing down some lyrics that could be rapped or sung for later workshops.

Overall a top inspiring evening for BMH young people and staff alike! More from subsequent Audio Active masterclasses coming very soon…

Update Backdate - Kev

As we said in the last update Kevin Grist, Brighton Music Hub founder and learning manager announced at the end of year showcase that he’d be leaving for a new job at the Arts Council :(

Kevin has been an incredible role model and inspiration for young people and staff alike. He was brought up on the Whitehawk estate where Crew Club is located and after completing his further education at City College and a degree in music technology at Northbrook he came back to Whitehawk and sought funding to provide an inclusive music project within Crew Club. He secured funding and got hard at work making Brighton Music Hub a reality.

Fast forward four years and BMH is an accomplished, successful project with excellent facilities. Many young people - some that had been not engaged with school or had special educational needs - have gained confidence and new skills through team work, performance, singing, playing instruments and learning music production. Some have gained Rock School accreditation and/or gone on to colleges and into the workplace. Kevin also forged strong partnerships with many other local organisations, among them Rhythmix, Audio Active & Glyndebourne.

3 weeks after the showcase Kevin’s final Brighton Music Hub session came round and was understandably an emotional affair for everyone. Any ideas of trying to sneak off early without a fuss were not to be allowed! Brighton Music Hub regulars, some of whom Kev had worked with for 3+yrs, were keen to give him special final send-off performances to thank him for all his dedication and hard work and to reinforce how far they’d come. The mini concert was heartfelt and brilliant.

Kevin left on somewhat of a double high. As well as a successful end of year showcase, Kev also found out in his final week that a recent funding bid he’d applied for (from the Lloyd’s TSB Foundation) had been successful! The seed of a new youth employment project for Crew Club had been sown.

There’s been a gap since Kevin left (hence no blog posting for little while!) but the team has pulled together to continue the project to the same high standard and we hear that Kev’s settled into his new role nicely :) So thankyou Kev from everyone at BMH, we wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t dreamed us up. Good luck going forward in everything you do!

…………………….Brighton Music Hub Class Of 2012………………………..

Update Backdate - Showcase

Back in May the Crew Club annual end of year showcase was held at The Brighton Centre. It’s a chance to take stock of all the various projects that happen around Crew Club and to celebrate everyone’s achievements for that year. Young Hamilton Lodge performers

As well as performances by youngsters from Hamilton Lodge (pic right) and others, four Brighton Music Hub groups or artists performed on the evening: Crewbourne rapped & sang their way through an acoustic guitar accompanied mashup of BEP’s Where Is The Love & JLS’ Proud; Max Scardinelli sang and played guitar for a cover of Nirvana’s Teen Spirit; and BMH rock band Charity Threat performed an original song called Flashing Lights. To end, all the young people and staff took to the stage together to perform Take That’s Greatest Day! All the performances went down a storm and there were tears in the audience from proud parents and carers!

As if all that weren’t emotional enough Kevin Grist, Brighton Music Hub’s founder & manager of 4yrs announced he would be leaving in June :( By this time there was not a dry eye in the house!

More backdated updates soon…


Oops, we haven’t blogged for ages! There’s loads to catch up on & over the next week we’ll be updating the blog with some of Brighton Music Hub’s biggest recent news.

In the meantime if you want a sneaky peak into Brighton Music Hub check out this ace vid from last year made by Access Varndean foundation learners which is an MTV Cribs style tour around Crew Club

DJ Competition! Wired for Sound 31st March!

Event:  Wired for Sound

Date:   Saturday 31st March 2012

Venue: Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, 9-12 Middle Street, Brighton BN1 1AL

Time:   10.00pm - 3.30am

Tickets: £7 each bought easily online here (all proceeds go to Breast Cancer Care)

Just a quick reminder about the ‘Wired for Sound’ event on Saturday 31st March!

‘Wired for Sound’ is a Wired Sussex members DJ competition running in conjunction with my charity fundraising (more about that here) in partnership with the guys at Stick it On and with headline sponsors Bozboz and Fresh Egg.

It’s a chance to get one up on your friends and competitors and claim glory amongst the local Digital, Media and Technology sector.  There’ll be prizes for the winning company/freelancer as well as the winning DJ themselves! 

We’ve had a few drop outs so still have some spaces available if you’d like to take part!  Please get in touch if you’re interested as places will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Don’t think you can DJ – wrong! All you need to do is choose the tracks you want to play and the Stick it On crew are there to assist, although seasoned DJs can also do their thing… Or you might rather duck out of the fame factor and just come along to watch the competition hot up, bring your friends, have a drink and a dance or support your nominated crowd pleaser.

DJ Rules - Entrants will be judged according to how much you fill the dance floor and rock the crowd.  Of the initial 3 tracks chosen to be played per DJ, 1 track must be played as your company ‘anthem’ and be the most representative of your organisation. Any music genre is of course welcome, but remember that to win you’ll need to side with the crowd.  The 2 best DJs on the night will be selected to compete head to head giving the opportunity to play an additional final track where the crowd will decide the winner. 

Tickets in advance only - grab yours online here (all proceeds go to Breast Cancer Care).

Please send this around to all your colleagues, bring your friends too and see you on the 31st March 

…and tweet #Wired4Sound !


Caroline Morris

Recruitment and Internships Manager

 T: 01273 692888

Wired Sussex - supporting my Cycle 4 Cancer charity challenge



Brighton Music Hub (Youth Music) is back!

The Crew Club’s successful Brighton Music Hub project is back for its second year, helping young musicians who are starting out, train and develop skills in performance, instrument playing and studio production.

Are you just starting out as a musician? Are you looking to develop instrument/vocal skills but have little or no experience at all? Interested in learning about studio-based production? Or perhaps you are already an experienced musician looking to develop as a music leader or gain a Rockschool qualification?

Then join us for our 12-month project every Tues term-time, starting on 21st Feb 2012, 5-8:30pm at the Crew Club. Delivered by qualified music teachers, community musicians and volunteers.

The project is being funded by Youth Music and includes:

  • One-to-one/small group instrument and voice workshops from qualified teachers and practising musicians.
  • Studio-based recording skills/use of technology/Apple Macs
  • Mini masterclass project using digital loop technology/lyrics from AudioActive (Rizzlekicks)
  • Training to become a young music leader/peer mentor and developing teaching skills.
  • Opportunity to perform at the Brighton Centre and release music on local record label.
  • Opportunity to gain a Rockschool qualification.
  • Progress onto other opportunities including courses at City College, Northbrook College, work placements and volunteering.

For more information please contact Kevin Grist, Music & Learning Manager on 01273 608607 or kevin@crewclub.co.uk.

Glyndebourne Young Voices at the Crew Club!

The Crew Club has teamed up with Glyndebourne to host a brand new 12-month project for young people aged 14-19 to develop vocal performance skills outside of a traditional choir setting. Glyndebourne Young Voices will feature singing, acting, staging and dance delivered led by professional artists and supported by Crew Club music leaders.

What does it take to create a dynamic performance that stands out from the ordinary? What are the secret ingredients that can make an artist and a performance truly memorable? Come along to these taster sessions in Vocal Performance and find out for yourself!

Led by professional directors from the worlds of theatre and music, you’ll discover how to unleash your own skills and combine them with the talents of others in ways that may surprise you!

TASTER SESSIONS 1 starts tonight Mon, 20th Feb 2012, 6:30pm - 7:30pm and TASTER SESSION 2 starts on Mon, 27th Feb 2012, 6:30pm - 7:30pm at the Crew Club!

THE PROJECT will run every Weds 5-6:30pm at the Crew Club, starting from 7th March 2012 term-time. There will be a number of external performance opportunities during the year in Sussex.

For more information please contact Kevin Grist, Music & Learning Manager on 01273 608607 or kevin@crewclub.co.uk. 

Glyndebourne Young Voices project information.


Successful Sales day for LYVe (live young vibe)

Sunday 5th February 2012 saw our Level 1 Enterprise group or LYVe (Live young vibe) as they are know in the business world! Sell their limited Edition T-shirts at a stall in Churchill Square shopping centre, Brighton. 

This gave the group an opportunity to showcase their business acumen and entrepreneurial skills to get a step up as part of the Young Enterprise Competition. 

As well as strong sales, the group proved their fantastic service skills by winning the secret shopper ‘Customer service award.’ 

If you would like further information on LYVe, please visit their website at www.lyveyoungvibe.com. (maybe treat yourself a fantastic original designed t-shirt)

LaserHub performance opportunities in Crawley!

Calling all young people who are interested in music and would like the opportunity to perform to a crowd!

LaserHub run open mic nights on the first Sunday of every month which are free to attend and anybody is welcome to sign up to play! If acts perform and we like their music we often ask them to play at our band nights at which there is an opportunity to earn a bit of money and gain a reputation within Crawley’s music scene.

LaserHub provide a safe, fun place where young people are welcome to socialise. We run many student offers during the week, if they bring their 3 in 1 card along we have an offer of 2 games and food for only £10 which is a bargain! We also run unlimited LaserTag nights on the first Saturday of every month, which includes unlimited free Pepsi and unlimited games all evening for £10.

Tel: 01293 548000

Email: Marie@laserhub.co.uk  

Web:  www.laserhub.co.uk

Men: Have you got the East Brighton X Factor?

Men in Brighton are invited to become part of great new community choir in East Brighton run by the excellent Phil Milburn – a friend of The Men’s Network.

The East Brighton Vocality project has created especially for East Brighton ! It’s essentially a community development project using singing and is completely free to participants.

If you are concerned that you a bit more East Brighton than East 17 (who were a popular male singing combo back in the day)  then you can go along to a FREE taster session to find out if you got the East Brighton X-Factor.

The sessions are open to all – so you can bring the women and girls in you life too – and men and boys are being particularly targeted to help ensure the choir is representative of the whole community.

So why not grab some male friends and relatives and go and enjoy the benefits of community singing. It’s fun, exciting, healthy, sociable, creative and will lift your spirits like nothing else !

No experience is needed and everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to experienced crooners. The choir will  sing popular songs from the 40’s to 00’s, old & new favourites, plus inspiring music from around the world. You can help choose the songs that are  sung !

There’s a programme of tasters over the next few weeks in Whitehawk and Woodingdean, then a 10 week course starting on Jan 19th.

There are FREE tasters this week as follows:

Thurs Jan 12th, 7.00pm – 8.30pm, St Cuthmans Church, Whitehawk
Sat Jan 14th, 11.30am – 12.30pm, Woodingdean Youth Centre

Then the 10 week course starts Thursday January 19th at St Cuthmans Church (7 – 8.30pm) in conjunction with the Whitehawk Inn.


There are also opportunities for people who volunteer to help the project happen and keep the project going in the future. For more information contact:

Philip Milburn – Musical Director, Project Manager

philip@lifemusic.org.uk.   01273 779950 / 07966 536180

Graham Allen – Serendipity Enterprising Solutions – Community Development

g.j.allen@ntlworld.com    01273 272767

Helen Thomas – Gateway Manager, Whitehawk Inn

hthomas@whinn.org.uk    01273 682222

Debbie Mallard -Adult Ed Outreach, Varndean College (Coordinating Woodingdean residents)

dem@varndean.ac.uk    01273 546602 / 07747 442057